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BBG's new toys


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well the big 40 stings like a mother , but i did get a marshall as50r and a shure beta 58a

having a night in the back bedroom here while the poor little woman suffers the noise comin through downstairs . doubt i'll get left alone much longer .

thought i'd share a little practice

the little marshall amp sounds great i think .

i on the other hand need to get used to the unforgivingness of a good mic !!

sorry about the stupid camera angle , iphone sitting on top of the amp :-s


abuse welcome as always



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Mate that sounds great.Terrific acoustic tone through the amp.Tasty hammer ons and snaps in the pickin' too.And that is coming from someone listening at 6:30 am with a bad case of flu.


cheers buddy ! :-)

gonna take a while to get comfortable with it.

the mic is just so sensitive , lot of fun messin though .

10pm here , enough for tonight

thanks for the kind words

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Sounds good man, and it seems you have the same toys we also use. I had the Marshall AS50D and moved on to the AS100D when we started gigging and my singer has the same mike as you. Great combo with the Gibby.


Enjoy the toys BBG you old man, speaking as a 39 and 3/4 year old spring chicken ... [biggrin]

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