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old neil , gotta love him


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Im not a Neil Young fan, but I like this one........the video looks like eastern Kentucky coal mine family



I'm not a Neil fan either and especially not a Crazy Horse fan. I am a fan of folk music and I think that the recent trend of big time artists honoring the music that started their interest in music, and guitar generally, is a good thing. This album is not my favorite effort in that regard with it's twangy and loud guitars. But I am a fan of playing outside the box and this certainly does so. I like Springsteen's folk tribute of a few years ago.


As for this video, it is faux in nature (kids are too clean and healthy and I doubt that many backwooders had fine vine banjos) but still fun and well done. Thanks for posting.

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I like the members of this family a lot. I like the scene and get touched by the expression on the mothers face. So tested she is, so aware of the reality around her, , , yet there is a tone of hope, in glimpses even joy to be seen.*


My father let me smoke pipe when we were home alone when I was 5 or 6. I remember walking out on our little balcony from where I spotted the man of a couple, which was my parents friends on the opposite balcony. To impress him I wanted to keep the lit pipe between the teeth without hands, but it was too heavy and dropped to the floor. Embarrassing like hell – here I was trying to act like a man and instantly failure hit me right in the forehead. Afterwards I felt a sneaking physical sickness too - what a mess. Never regretted it though. Didn't tell the old man and we smoked pipe together all in all 3 or 4 times before I finally grew up and took command over the glowing woods myself. Still have my collection, but it's burned out now.





*Is this real footage from back then. . . . .

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neil young's new americana album is love i or hate it stuff ... but this is the best video i ever saw ! lol


check out the kid smokin !





Awesome! Thanks man,, Love Neil. One of my all time favorites. Have seen him 5 times.

Think he's one of the coolest people to walk the planet and one of the best songwriters ever.

His guitar playing on the other hand,,, well,, lets just say its up there with his vocals.

That's his sound man..... I happen to love it.

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