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Reinventing the wheel. Part 2


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Fantastic scott I love the Two position ( Bridge and Middle 8 middle Pot out) both with and without the screws. All around killer axe there and great video.

Thank you. Yeah, it's a groovy axe. Gibson should possibly consider doing one of these old puppies for the Explorer lovers. Then again, I guess that's what mods are for. lol Thanks again.

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Absolutely A+ on this Buddy! I know its a crappy compressed web video but I see where your going on this man. I wounder how my Ibanez SA 240's volume/tone knobs are rated for ohm-age? Got to look that up as I have it Frankensteined with a genuine Gibson humbucker on the bridge and a extra dirty Demarzio in the middle and a slightly dirty single coil at the neck. It's also got a genuine Al-Part's 5-way switch (that's what a real Stratocaster has right?) but the pot's are stock from 1990's Ibanez.


I keep you informed, it's a great sounding guitar even if I messed up the finish on the top when the router kicked back on me when I was enlarging the slot for the double coil Demarzio in the middle [cursing] .


Edit, My Ibanez... It's actually ether a SA140 or SA160 (my bad), it has the 500 pot's like a Gibson, what about the tone cap? My Ibanez has a .022uF cap. Ibanez's site only went back to 2000 but I found some pics on the web with model number's of SA140 and SA160 that all look exactly like mine. Just looked and he kits I found labeled as Gibson "style" all have .02 uF caps. Don't think that the missing "2" is going to make that much a difference in sound so they seen to be the same.


Perhaps I need a Fender style pot 250 installed just for the single coil at the neck position?

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