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In the oft chance that some members may not had heard this song..The Smiths The Boy with a Thorn in his Side


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Please click 480p for clean sound.

One of the greatest rock bands went virtually unnoticed in this country(US)..but they're off spring did not.

While Rock guitarists..including the little peon ones like myself indulged in so called virtuoso boring 20 minute guitar wanker solos, Johnny Marr revived British rock guitar rythmn with real creative stuff.

Great song & riff.

Love the singer & how he expresses the thing..Obviously he didn't give a damn what people thought about him.




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Nick ,


love the Smiths . I think they are one of the two best bands I have ever heard .

I recently purchased all the albums available on Itunes . can't stop listening to those .

plus they put up a digital boxset remastered by Johnny Marr with alot of songs from the Peele Sessions






Hi Juan

I love em. Ill probably go for that box set as well

Who's the other band ?

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