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Soooo... I went and got a Big Muff yesterday (electrohamonix).. I just tried it out and had a play around.. Im not totally convinced yet.. But I need to spend some more time with it.. What ive heard so far I like, but I think I need to also find the right settings on the amp and guitar to get the best out of it.


HOWEVER.. the one thing I did try with aweful results is putting the built in distortion on at the same time as the pedal and my god what an aweful noise it made... I usually dont experience that much humm but with the pedal and amp distortion on it was all over the place distorting and reverbing all the static noise..


This is the first pedal ive bought in ages so im not used to the independant settings and how to change my amp to suit it..


I only have a little Marshall MG15FX at the moment so not the greatest (im saving for one of those 50th anniv JCM 800 combos).. Any advice on some good settings on the guitar/amp?.. On the guitar I usually have everything at 11 :) the amp, well that changes with my mood.. But ususaly have some sustain on (should I turn that off for cleaner sound?). Does this also mean if I start using pedal distortion I also need a seperate reverb pedal to get the best sound?

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