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G-400 Problem


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I've owned my g-400 for about 2 1/2 years now, and had no issue until the last few months. It started off just with a slight humming in the background, yet got louder and louder.


Now the guitar won't make any noise when i'm playing it through the amp. Other guitars work in the same amp, I've also tried different cords to no avail. Anyone have any ideas what it could be?




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It's either a loose wire (probably ground). I don't suspect a bad potentiometer because one of your p'ups would still work. I really think it's the guitar's input jack's connections. If you like to solder, it would be advisable to replace all 4 pots, 3 way switch & output jack. Also, use all new quality wiring. At least get a wiring kit from "Stew-Mac" / "All-Parts" or "Best Guitar Parts". These are the 3 best guitar repair parts outlets online. Take your time and have fun. Your circuit will be only as good as your worst connection. Make each one count. Rednefceleb.

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