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The Funeral..Danny MacAskill


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If you search You Tube "The Funeral MacAskill" it should come up under Inspired Bicycles.

Im giving it another shot with link here.


A friend of ours who lives & carves stone in that city (Edinburgh in Scotland) sent it to us a while back.

Danny MacAskill is part of a cycling team called The Clan.

They've put the music of Band of Horses to it.


To me the meaning is like on one hand "..On every occation I'll be ready for the Funeral.." (his own) & on the other..this dude at the prime of his life on that bicycle living life at its fullest.


Though its not officially the lyric on websites the opening words sound to me more like:

Im coming up only..to hold you under.

Im coming up only ,to show ,you rode..

(Refering going to a funeral)


To the outside,the dead leaves,they're on the lawn.

Before they died,they had trees,to hang they're hopes.

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