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Finally bit the bullet on a Fender American Deluxe V-neck I've wanted for a while now.


My American Standard has quite a few miles on her and a couple of minor problems.


Really liking this v-neck. S-1 adds enough umph in HB mode to compete with Gilmour's EMG strat tone.


Now if I could just compete with Gilmour himself . . . [unsure]


Anyway, the new noiseless pups are getting closer all the time to that vintage single coil vibe, just not quite.


Close enough though that the complete absence of noise is worth the slight difference to me!


Need to get an outside purdy pic as this one doesn't do it justice.



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That's a beauty, congrats! Is that Candy Apple Red? Never really liked that color with a rosewood board, but with the maple, it looks great!


For RogerGLewis, I was curious myself, and did some searching. Found this article on their development, sounds real interesting. Also found this Wiki page that clarifies, I've got the Vintage Noiseless on my Clapton Model, but now I really want to check out a set of these new SCN p'ups on the American Deluxe.


ETA: Oops, just noted the SCN p'ups were used on the American Deluxe until 2010, current Fender site on the guitar says they are "N3 Noiseless", so a newer iteration. Not sure how those work (previous models were stacked), more searching entailed...

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Thanks all . . . been too busy playing and forgot I even posted this. Sorry!


I don't do recording though my 7D Canon does HD video but the audio quality probably won't be that great.


My Egnaters have line out for direct input to a computer but I'd have to get and figure out the appropriate computer ap.


Ignorant old fart I am getting to be!


That's why I never post anything . . . well that and I suck [details!] [flapper]


Actually, I don't suck any worse than others I've heard here and ALL OVER Youtube but just never have had a need to develop the recording capability.


Here's a pretty good one. Especially showing the S1 capability.



I think it's that vintage color of the neck with the candy apple that I fell in love with.


But if it plays like butt, the prettiest guitars are paper weights.


It plays wonderfully. The compound radius and v-neck take some getting used to but as I am doing that I am loving it.


The ONLY problem I really had with my high mileage AM Standard was that fairly skinny neck and 9.5" radius would cramp my long skinny hands after maybe 30 minutes at the most.


This neck doesn't have that problem. Flattening out the radius on the high end makes soloing SO much easier.


And, again, I said the new noiseless "are close" to that vintage Fender single coil vibe [e.g love those texas specials].


Close enough that zero noise makes up for the slight variation.

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