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Baby 'bird.....

bobby b

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Well, I couldn't resist.


Came across this old MIJ parlour/OM guitar, that looks like a baby hummingbird!


It is a 1977 Yasuma , solid top, mahogany b/s ...... sounds like a small guitar but it is quite loud and responsive, plays good looks good too.

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Man, that looks in terrific shape for it's age.


Nice looking MIJ 'Bird knock off.


Probably would give a Norlin 'Bird good competition. . B)






I will post up pics of both later this eve when I have both of 'em together, to give you a better idea of its size.

It is in pretty good shape, there are a few small scratches, none go through the finish though. Funny thing is, besides the size, it is a pretty good clone in most aspects except for the headstock/logo, it is more of a a Martin type script. Most other HB clones I have seen have pretty hideous pickguards, this one I like, IMO it looks fairly accurate.


A few more pics.....



5E65P15J23Ma3Fa3o9c71fa049b8249a71d4d-1 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr



5F75H95Md3Kb3kc3L9c71bc45c9d9f021104a-1 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr



5L35I15Fb3I73L23Nfc710f7e869f9e6d1ade by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr



5Fc5M65Jd3E83G33H8c719b50721e40d31161 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr

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They met today.....


Great to see them together.



Untitled by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr



Untitled by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr



The tone is not quite as deep as the real thing, the body is fairly shallow in comparison, but it has a nice shimmer to it when played lightly/medium, it is loud when played hard but sounds a bit boxy when pushed to hard.

For the little $$'s I paid for it, well worth having, makes me smile just looking' at it.....lol




Been a hectic few days at work, I'll try and get a sound clip posted up soon for ya's.





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