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Nostalgic, pop culturally iconic, picking.


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I was at a party yesterday, a small one, and this came on.



Honestly, I love it. Just that picking is kinda mesmerizing. My aunt and I played the hell out of this album like 12 years ago in her Jeep. It was just a huge flashback that. It just felt good to feel 5 again [biggrin]


I dono, post that stuff that makes you feel like a kid.

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I can think of a few KISS songs that I listened to a ton when I was little....


Hard Luck Woman, Calling Dr. Love, C'mon And Love Me, Do You Love Me?, Strutter 78' (from the Double Platinum album, their first compilation), Let Me Go, Rock n' Roll, New York Groove, and I'm In Need Of Love.


And pretty much any Beatles song takes me back.

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