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Marshall problem


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I have a little trouble with my Marshall ...

I was still playing with my Les Paul when the sound has Splite ... He became a thud. No sound from the amp, I plug the guitar or not does not change, the knobs not any effects, I turn off and restart.. has nothing to do ....

IT do more That a dull sound, are what anyone has had the problem for help me...

For information that is not the lamp I check it.


It a head Valvestate VS100RH.


Thank you for your help

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i am helping this kid, because i own a marshall myself


Are you really help me? I do not see how you did not address the real problem...

"This kid" you are 14 years old.... And i had 33 years old...

Do you live in our world?


It's not because you have a marshall that you know all Marshall... have you already opened your amp?? has to see what it looks like!


Personally I've had problems and I found the problem if only one day showed the same sumptomes Would somebody I can help my experience but it is yours?

The failure is an electronic maybe a capacitor alim who has let go ... It is an argument because I have sound with the "send" on another amp I had at least one test ...


I slap your JCM! it does not solve my current problem!!


See you soon daddy!

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Only obvious thing I can suggest is to check the fuses both in the amp & your plug [cursing]



This is not the fuse and I check if I removed there is no sound at all, it's a dull sound permanently.

this may be a supply capacitor has dropped.

I will contacted a repair specialist we'll see what he says.

thank you

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i am helping this kid, because i own a marshall myself


I own five.


What's your point? msp_lol.gif



Best of luck with the repair. Sorry I couldn't help. Without the amp in front of me it would be hard to diagnose.

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