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ahh I couldn't resist DONT shoot me NGD


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i am thr "King of Rock & Roll"

Yes yes old chap so you keep saying ad nauseam....you better go and reign then hadn't you?

Most people on this forum have got the message, more than a few times.

Unfortunately if you keep on about it you may get known as 'thr (sic) King of Rock & Troll'.

That's a road, huh?

Please give my regards to Dexter Gordon.



To return to the OP....nice looker, tempt me!!

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Congrats on getting such a cool guitar as the Cabronita,there's no need to apologize for getting a Fender,in fact you have every reason to boast about it. I have 8 Fenders and I wear them proudly.I appreciate quality no matter what name is written on the headstock-brand snobbery is a sign of pure guitar ignorance.

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