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squealing Seth lover Duncan pickups


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Hey guy's,


i have a question for you all out there? Is there anything I can do to stop my pickups

from squealing so bad? I have a new set of Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups

installed in my Les Paul Custom 68 reissue. The amp I have is a Marshall JVM

100 watt half stack. The pickups really sound awesome, great vintage tone, but

when i turn the volume up, these pickups want to sqeal or feedback?


I know I could get get them wax potted, but wouldn't that take away from the pickups tone?

Are thereany other options to check out here?


Thanks so much for everyones help!

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Yes... your choices are:


Have someone competent pot the Seth Lovers in wax for you


Replace with a set of pickups that is wax potted already


Use a lot less gain on the amp (or stand very far away from it). [biggrin]


Have you removed the covers? That can help.

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