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Which one is the U2 model do you have a picture.I had a Dano years ago I dont remember what model it was just that the pick guard was shaped sort of like a seal.

It had a twangy sound kind of reminded me of a tele a bit but no where near a strat,those lipstick pickups were pretty weak and at least for my ears. The tone was small not open at all,nothing special if I remember correctly.It never hurts to try one out,find one and play it for a bit only you can tell if you dig it or not.

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I have a Silvertone 1448 which is a very Danelectro like guitar in that it has a lipstick pickup and the body is masonite. Some people view them as more novelty guitars, but Jimmy Page rocked a DC.


Tone wise, they are warmer than a Strat and their twang is darker than a Tele. The DC is my favorite model. If you do get a newer one my advise is to seek out better pickups. Maybe a set of Jerry Jones and have it wired like a Jerry Jones. If you have the cash and want a really nice Danelectro like guitar, get a Jerry Jones. They aren't cheap now that Mr. Jones retired, but I think some pop up on fleabay every once in a while. You should see Nels Cline's two Jerry Jones. Very cool.

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I've got one of the first of the 56 U2 reissues from 1998 and it's a pretty cool guitar, plays well and I haven't had any problems with it. I've seen the tone compared to a Strat but with more midrange, but I really think that while the tone might be "Strat-like" it's really unique. Obviously the body on these things is Masonite rather than mahogany but I think the tone and vibe really exceeds the bargain basement construction and makes it worth owning one.

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