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Ten Years Gone solo with my LP


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Please do a recording of the entire song, this is one of my favorite songs.



I actually did this with my Tele first and thought it captured the song better,but it did not sound that way in the end,so the LP won.My hunch is that he used a Tele or a Strat recording this,but then again rumour has him layering upwards of fourteen guitars on this track. I really do not know.It is such an epic song to record and in my current living arrangement just getting this much was a monumental task.I will try and do the whole song.Thank's.

Oh,I tried and tried to embed the video in this page,but no luck.I'm still trying so any tips would be great.

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You scared me when I saw the thread title. I thought you were with only one guitar for the last 10 years.



Yea,I can see that being a little misleading.That is funny.

All opinions and the such are more than welcome on the video/music and would be appreciated.

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