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Hi everyone!

I just found this site! I bought my first Epiphone in 1998 or 99 at Mars music. I was instantly hooked and 5 Epis later I pulled the trigger on a cherryburst flametop Les Paul with the new Probuckers!


Ok,, I might get overly excited over this but Damn fine job Gibson for makung my new favorite guitar! I had real gibbys but you cant argue the value in the Epi line!


My new guitar is flawless! The only thing I could see better would be a fret polish like my ultra. Thats doesnt really hinder anything but my ultra had the smoothest frets ever.

Ok,,back to the new details.

I am not one for coil tapping but the new Probuckers have made this guitar,,,,,,ready,,,,, the FIRST GUITAR I EVER BOUGHT & DIDNT WANT TO CHANGE PICKUPS ! THEY ARE THAT NICE!



NECK PICKUP,,,AWESOME clean sound. Perfect for some dreamy parts in a song or fluid style leades on the upper frets! Does the Sweet child'omine perfectly,,, way better than my ultra and better than the 490 in my studio lp.


BRIDGE PICKUP,,, AGAIN ,,AWESOME,,,Midrange,,, lows,,,airy but tight highs. I can hear the "push" as well as that lovely wood! Thru my self modded cameron/jose modded marshall I believe I have the best sound I "EVER" HAD!


Gain,, brightness,,,chunk,,,rawness ,,, all in a perfect blend with an edge.

I would say perfect hotrod paf !


I play these guitars because after the eighties I stepped away from the whammy/bolt-on stuff and after buying my first Epi ,,,it was the first guitar I ever bought that when I experienced it,,, it felt like a Genuine instrument,,, almost like a violin.

My new Epi pro is just the best ever. Can you tell I am happy?

I know I am probably telling you guys things you allready know but I just couldnt hold it in.

Let me know your thoughts or experiences with these.

Oh yeah,,, the switch in these are actually good too! Every Epi I ever had came with faulty switches. I am just so happy ,,,thanks Gibson for putting out such a great value! I love every one of them but this new one is THE BEST!


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I saw one in wine red but it had a damaged fret. It was gorgeous! I almost bought it anyway. I got the cherryburst but reallt wanted the wine colored. I think since I modded a couple extra amps last month,,, I might buy the korina lp too !

Guitar center is extending their july4th sale for me since I told the guy I was interested in it when I bought the plustop .


You will not be dissapointed ! Reall,really good guitar!


Thank you for your reply and for the "welcoming". ; )

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Welcome to the forum. [biggrin]


Thanks for your views on the "pros". I haven't heard to many folks comment on them, one way or the other.

Glad you discovered this site. We can use as many Epi-heads around here as possible. [thumbup]

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I figure like this,,, I had Gibsons in the past,,, the prices are beyond my budget. I am pretty aggressive with my guitars and I would feel like I would be afraid to put the pedal to the metal with them. The prices have really shot to the moon over the last 15 yrs and after finding my first Epi like some 14 yrs ago ,, I was hooked!


Used to be,,, buy the Epi n change the electronics and you basicly have that "Gibson",,,even tho not being made in America,,,which I am not really happy about that,,,but I (along with most average Americans) am a victim of this fukked up economy n have a family to feed , so I rather have the Epiphones because of their value and to me its still a Les Paul or SG !


This new pro series is the highest achievement in the Epi line imho.


I ran it thru my amp and it just had that Quality feel and sound.

Close to Perfection in my eyes. Just a fret polish away ; )


Im not big on endorsements unless its something really good and I believe in it.

I suggest this guitar for anybody lookin for a "Real Factory Textbook Great LP !


Those probuckers were the icing on the cake! They are really sweet !

Makes the epis a "great package" that really dont need upgrades!

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Yeah,,,bought mine out of faith. I knew for yrs the biggest "gripe" players had about Epis were the pickups. I never really liked the stock stuff fron yrs back.

When I saw the "probuckers" were burstbucker copies I thought maybe they are an improvement.


It was a winning combo in my eyes n ears : )

I couldnt be more happy,,,,, and I am a picky mofo lol


I scored 2 new probuckers from ebay yesterday to stick in my LP ultra

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Congrats on the find! I, on the other hand, recently bought an older LP Custom ('06 or '07, don't remember right now), and I have already changed all the wiring, pots, switch, and jack with American parts. It sounds really good already with those upgrades. As long as I don't add too much gain. Gets muddy sounding.


You stated it gets a good Sweet Child 'O Mine with neck. How does the bridge work with high gain? I don't use high gain much, but I would like to be able to define notes a little better. Like a "Master of Puppets". A more clearer palm muted sound.

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@ Texasbluezman,,

Dude,,, I think the older epi pickups arent that great. Depends on the model.

For a Gibson pickup for heavy metal ,,, I have had great success with the 498t. Check out my post in the intro section.


I Mod Marshalls and used my Epi LP Studio with the 498t on most of my videos.

The Amps were modded and kick butt with that pickup. My probucker does Hard rock great but a lil too twangy/stringy for Balls to the wall Metal. It can do it live tho without mud or missing a beat but the 498t just embraces metal much better.


Check out my videos. ; )


Next I will do some vids with my ultra and plustop pro for comparison when I get a chance

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Heres the link for the videos.

Both amps were modded by me and I used my first epi LP. A turquoise LP studio that been thru a few pickup changes. I got a 490/498 combo in it right now n I use it in most of my videos. ; )

Its an Awesome guitar n been my main guitar since I bought it!



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