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A Portrait of America

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Great music. Pure folk/americana/country/appalachian, all of the above music. Sadly, I don't think people like Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, and many other current stars even know it exist. If they do, they rarely, if ever, play it. It's too dated, archiac, non-relevant. About the only big name that pays tribute to his musical heritage is Marty Stuart. Most people don't feel they can "jive" to this music, but it sure-as-hell tells the story of who and what we are. [thumbup]

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The fiddle player strikes such an impression.. almost as if he is from 1850...playing those notes with that look on his face..

And then there is this frail hunched over once great American supported spiritually & vocally by these ladies.

Beautifull & Sad.. hard to pin point words

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Notice that this one is recorded at the Ryman Auditorium, former Grand Old Opry venue, in Nashville.


They may have pulled up the floorboards and taken out the pews, but the music still echoes and is still performed in the hall.

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