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Where Can I get replacement Parts?


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Hey everyone.


I inherited this bass about two years ago and just now got around to putting her back together and was wondering where I can get some of the parts for her. It's a 1998 Un Sung made Epiphone Les Paul Special Bass (i think)

I really just need the machine heads and it'll be ready to rock, but haven't had luck finding any that fit yet, nor any place that even carries the older style black heads that used to go on this bass..

I emailed Gibsom about it but I haven't heard back from them yet.

Not afraid to order over the internet as long as I have a part number and return policy :) I just want it to be all original.








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Cool looking bass, I have one just like it, although I changed out all the hardware to chrome on mine, pics of it are in my sig.


Any Goto/Grover mini bass tuners will fit, I'd have to look and see if I still have the ones I pulled off mine, but I think I may have sold them.


Have fun with the restoration.

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