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What's he on? I'd say two things.


First, looks to be Jack Daniels. Jack Black to be specific. Good ol' No. 7.


The other thing? Tone. Loads, and loads of tone...

[thumbup] lol


and whatever he snorted before the video started rolling haha.. ;)

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He reminds me of Sam Kinison!


I find it amazing that there are lots of different amplifiers to choose from nowadays, but when I wanna rock with BALLS on, I'll always plug a good Les Paul into a Marshall amp and crank it till' the cows come home!


Because, there's only one way to rock! With Marshall!

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with just a hint of Chris Farley.




And like Marvar said (well, sorta), David Lee Roth!


Sammy Lee Farley.....


Two late, great comedy greats and one of the world's best frontman whom is always in "fast-forward", as I like to say, combined!


Loudmouth entertainers paired with loudmouth amplifiers!


Oh, he also has a Ted Nugent vibe to him....

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