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Another "Unique" Gibson

J-200 Koa

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what I learned from other topics here on the forum:


I see 3 screw in the TR plate.

The headstock - neck binding is in 2 pieces (not 1 smoothly line but 2 piece fret inklay and headstock inlay clearly separated)




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Well at least he had the good sense to include a cut-out of a sale flier for a Montana Gold guitar. Which, by the way, has a different pick guard than the one being sold.


But he has an 'out'. It's billed as a Momtana Gold.

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Is that really a fake ?


Not a bad job actually, scary.

It is now pulled from eBay but it definitely a fake:


1. The headstock shape is way off.

2. The rosette is way wrong.

3. The label looks handmade.

4. Mahogany colored neck.


Most likely an Epiphone that was "modified" into a Gibson.

Be careful out there.

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We recently had a similar guitar in the shop for a setup, very poorly msde guitar, not even close to Epiphone quality. Looking at these photos, apart from the ugly headstock shape, look at the shape of the heel - nothing like the real thing. It's also Mahogany, scarf jointed at the headstock and stacked at the heel, none of which you'll see on a proper Gibson. Cheap and nasty, even before you get to the moral implications.

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