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J200 M Trophy


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Has anyone else played one of these? I grabbed one off the wall today at a local guitar shop and played it for a few minutes. It was too freakin' loud in there to hear anything properly, but it is a strange little guitar. I wonder what the market is for it? I thought it was an Emmy Lou model at first!




Gibson J200 M

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friends ,


it's on the gibson acoustic website ; http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/Super-Jumbo/Gibson-Acoustic/J-200-M-Trophy-75th-Anniversary.aspx



btw , Gibson Acoustic is trying to redesign a new acoustic website ...






Yeah, that's the link below the image in the OP. :)



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... It's long-scale and somewhat upgraded to J-200 Elite-ish-level appointments.

Apparently, I got that wrong. I looked at the linked page, and this appears to be a different guitar from the J-200 M of 2007 -- short-scale, not Elite-level appointments, and a

bit smaller (L-1 sized rather than CJ-165/Emmylou sized?)


-- Bob R

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