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Oh Lord if only i had the cash for this! Then it would have been my first vintage amp!


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Yeah, they weigh a ton. Had two of them, a '65 and a '63 (first year, rather rare). FG1, your Mom would throw you out in the street. They are freakin' LOUD.


Auction is still running, want to see something, watch the final bidding. It should go crazy in the last 30 seconds, the price is nowhere near where it should sell yet.


Oops, maybe not. I just read the whole ad, he won't ship it, wants local pick up or can get it delivered within 300 miles of Boston for $65. He may have cost himself as much as a thousand dollars by refusing to ship it. Could end up being a great deal for someone (seen these listed +/- $2500).


Yeah, it just ended. $1025, even with the non-original speakers, I think someone got a great deal!

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