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I made a "glove" to protect my nitro...


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A few days a go I asked why someone used cloth around his guitar stand, I had no clue that the rubber can be bad for the nitro. Today I bought a new stand (one where the guitar is hanging...not realy standing). I also hang my guitar on the wall (when not playing).

So I thought, I make a glove for my guitar.


What you need: your doughters best Hello Kittie T-shirt, scissors and velcro.


Cut a nice piece of fabric:



Cut the velcro (mine had a sticky backside):



... put the wooly side on the left (inside) and the hook-side on the other side, so you can wrap it around you guitar and close it properly:



And then you are done. 10 minutes of work, now when I hang my guitar away after I played...I give it a neck-warmer [thumbup]






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Well, I have a stand next to my computer, one in the cellar, a wall hanger in the livingroom, a standard at my friends place....


The only one where it hangs longer than ...say 20 hours is the wall hanger...if I go away or for work or holiday I put it the case.

But ....I thing I gonna make me some of Pete R stand warners...they look better indeed.

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i had cut up an old flannel shirt and sit hed some sleeves for the arms of the hanger. I don't use that stand anymore. My regular stands are supposedly nitro safe (Hercules) and as long as I don't leave them hanging unattended for a long time, they generally are. I have one of those acoustic stands that holds the guitar upright in a playing position. That had rubber armes to hold the body of the guitar so I cut up some old polish cloths to cover the rubber grippy tips. That protects the finish, but it makes the arms a little to slick to hold the guitar so I have to be careful with it. I had left an epi acousitc in that stand for a long time and was a little suprised ot see that even the poly on that guitar had reacted to the rubber. It dulled just in those very small spots where it was in contact and it won't easily buff out.

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yeah i use the off-the-wall hangers with a real hard plastic covering on the hooks that is supposedly safe for notro and I've had guitars in them for years now and never seen any damage. A couple of my older guitars from the late 60's early 70's have damage already but it doesn't affect anything so I just ignore it.

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I have two of these, and they are nitro safe, so they say.





As a professional stand manufacturer, HERCULES goes to great lengths to provide the highest quality and the most secure stands. HERCULES had conducted numerous experiments on our SFF foam and is pleased to find that it does not react with most of the guitar finishes in the market, including Nitrocellulose. The tests included subjecting the instruments on the stand to heat, cold and normal temperatures for periods of up to six months without movement.


However, each manufacturer has their own formulation of Nitrocellulose, with differing proportions of the chemicals involved. There are literally thousands of different variations of lacquer in use today, making it impossible to test them all. Therefore, to provide your valuable guitars with the best support, we recommend you to refer to your instrument's owners manual for more information regarding the proper storage of your instrument.

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I'm not sure if wool or acrylic is nitro safe. I kind of don't think so. Wool may be o.k.


I do know that polyester thread will scratch nitro if you rub it around on the finish.


I was going to wrap some gauze around my buddy's stand and I noticed that the gauze that you get these days isn't cotton anymore, so I didn't so that, although that's probably better than rubber.

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Someone with the drive and ambition could manufacture nitro safe "stand sleeves" with just an old sewin' machine and a steady supply of fruit of the loom. :blink:

I know of a guy who makes these really outragously beautiful AMP stands that has these exact qualities. Know anyone like that?


Of corse you do.

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