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New Guitar!


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I have been looking at getting a new guitar, and have been looking at Gibson ES339's and 335's. I found a 335 that I really, and whilst I was at the far end of the store talking to one of the salesmen (about a guitar stand) my wife bought the 335 for me as a 25th wedding anniversary gift. She's a real beauty (the guitars not bad as well).

This 335 is the best one that I've seen, as there seems to be a lot of variation in them.



Special thanks to all the people who offered me advice over on the Custom shop forum.




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Waaaaw, I gonna let my girlfriend read this we are together 22 years...I hope she get's the hint.


Gratz on the new guitare and on the anniversary.

Hehe! Then You might have to wait three years for a new guitar! :) Cheers... Bence

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Guest farnsbarns

I shouldn't wish my life away, but I can't wait to turn 40!


Congrats, I love 335s, next on my hit list I think.

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