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It Might Get Louder


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Okay, here's the deal. You are the producer and you get to cast the sequel to It Might Get Loud with any three guitarists you wish - living or dead. You have that power. Have fun.


I'd like to begin with a slide fest including Elmore James, Duane Allman, and Lowell George. Or I could go Duane Allman, Lowell George, and Ry Cooder if one of them had to actually be alive! [biggrin]

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Two long-passed; one joyfully among us:


Segovia, Carlos Montoya and BB King.




The main question would be, "What is it about guitar that lends itself to so many kinds of music both formal and informal, so many techniques and sounds?"


BB from what I've read is likely would be the easiest to interview and the most gentle-spoken of the three and could speak of generations of "popular American music and musicians."


But Segovia and Montoya were each in their own ways groundbreaking guitarists representing perhaps some of the best of formal and improvisational music on the nylon-string guitar.


Would the nylon string guitarists suggest it's a totally different instrument from steel strings and electrics? Not? Would all three see something about the guitar that uniquely lends itself to incredible potential of both solo and ensemble music, is created in wide variation of types and capability and yet also is easily portable?


Granted, it wouldn't be a rock theme in ways - but I think it could get at the core value of the guitar and even cultural importance to "western culture" we've seen expand significantly over perhaps the past century and a half.


Also, all three of these guys were in their own circumstances musical "rebels" at times, and appear to have been always true to themselves whether others liked it or not.



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I'd choose three players from different genres as I'd think it would be more interesting to hear the views of players from a variety of styles as per the original prog.


To that end I'd pick Django Reinhardt, Eric Clapton and Steve Howe in "IMGL II" and B.B. King, Les Paul and Ry Cooder in "IMGL III".


I know. I'm cheating.





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