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I owned a LP Black Beauty 3 and I'm thinking of switching the pickups. I have close to zero knowledge of wiring or changing pickups. But I would like to try to do it on my own because it's gonna be very personal, knowing my own guitar to its 'core'. Although I know it's easier to let experts do it - it's difficult to find someone I can trust.

After looking online and reading, I realized the wiring is a little different and I'm a little confused. I would really appreciate anyone who can offer their tips and advices on whatever you think I should know or do before starting.


Another question (I've been wondering) and it could be a stupid question - usually a 2 pickup guitars, Neck is for Rhythm and Bridge is for Treble.

Now, with this extra 3rd pickup, where does the middle pickup contributes to?


And for the choice of pickup - does it matter what pickup (type of Humbucker) I choose for the 3rd Pickup? or does the middle pickup has to be the same as either Neck or Bridge?


I really appreciate your help. Thanks!

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I don’t think it really matters which middle pu you choose per se. There is a chance you would need to reverse the + and – wires to get in phase with the other two. Thus, don’t get one with a braided ground.


With the right pu’s, the neck/middle and middle/bridge combinations could in theory offer pretty decent “Strat” tones. Not dead on of course. They would be mellower tones.

So the choice of pu’s would determine if these tones are either too mellow (no chime), useable/passable or pretty darn good.


So for good combo pu sounds, I’d say go with a brighter middle pu like a P-90 style (ie GFS Mean 90). That will bring out some chime when combined with the neck or bridge pu’s. Otherwise, those positions could be too muddy depending on which HB’s you choose of course.

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Put on your "Google Cap" and start collecting and studying wiring "service diagrams". Print them out and you will become more & more familiar with what makes a p'up, volume and tone controls, & capacitor function. The rhythm p'up is always @ the neck. The lead pickup (or treble p'up) is closest to the bridge. Honestly, The neck pickup is the one that's great for blues. Your "Lead" p'up is for playing solos at higher volumes. Buy a quality publication teaching the the purposes of guitar electronics. Also,how p'ups work & where and why does each wire and capacitor go. In your case, you need to learn what it's all about so that you can arrive at decisions based on your needs.

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