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New Amp Day!


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For my back.


The new one is much lighter. I love Mesa amps and this one is fabulous. Killer overdrive at low volume but plenty of power for even outdoor gigs. So sweet with the LP.


My 2009 Stiletto Ace was 88 pounds.


Here's the Stiletto Ace:



Here's the new amp at 47 pounds:




Here's from Mesa's site:




Anyone else have experience with this one yet? I guess I'm just braggin [biggrin]

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Thanks Riffster and Tgod:

It looks complicated but really isn't (I used to play in the 70s and all I really know how to do is play clean and overdriven. No pedals!): It has 3 wattage settings for each channel 15,30 and 40.


I played my only gig with it so far at 30W and it was plenty loud. Channel one is like a Vox AC30 (if I have that correct). Clean but with the pull master can be overdriven.


Channel 2 has a gain setting so it can overdrive perfectly at a low volume. Channel 2 has Fender (tweed) -Bassman type setting, a Marshall setting and a Mesa Boogie setting.


Yes I played a strat and humbuckers through it.


Channel one mostly clean then footswitched to overdrive for a solo.

Transatlantic. I personally love the Bristish sound which is why I got it.

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