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Strange Top Wear Explained ?


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I remember seeing him awhile back on the news, good player.


I remember being a kid in the 80's in the UK, there are 2 things that you just don't see anymore. The first are "one man bands" and the other are "Morris dancers", he's just a cooler one man band, where the morris dancers went is anyone's guess?

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Really interesting...definitely in the Tommy Emmanual vain in terms of using the guitar's top as percussion...but, his use of tapping on the fretboarc and retuning midstream for different sounds is pretty much in his own realm. His vocals are pretty good, too. He's one of those players who I can I honestly say about, "I can't do any of that in my guitar playing."


On the other hand...some of the tapping is also showy stuff a bit as fsome of the note sounds can be make by standard two hand picking/fretting rather than tapping.


But, the guy is undoubtedly talented and disciplined in his playing and approach to the gitbox.


QM aka Jazzman Jeff

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