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Straps seem to be getting a bit of ink around here the past few weeks, so why not show 'em if you've got 'em.


Favourite strap photos, with stories and sordid details too, I hope. Here are my two favourites:




The stories? Well, the one with the big cowboy buckle I bought out of a catalogue from Levy's. Believing the buckle was small and the strap was like the ones they had in the 1950s (narrow and rather plain) I thought it would be good for my Telecaster. Turns out it is good for the Tele' but more of an in your face kind of good because the buckle is around 3 1/2" wide.


The crystal encrusted glam strap is a recent purchase. It is much less tacky in person that it looks on the floor and when it was offered to me at less than half of the retail price, I was unable to refuse. It looks great on my AJ. Still, I would be embarrassed to admit what I paid for it. I used cash so there is no paper trail.

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Most of my straps are nondescript; if they're comfortable then they work. But when I bought my Gretsch a few years ago I had to have a strap to match it, at least in spirit. Nothing says corny rockabilly like a strap with airbrushed mudflap chicks:



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Here is my favorite strap. It was given to me by my Birth Mother (I am adopted and found her when I was 29) Turns out she, her brother and father were all guitar players too! She had had this strap since the 60's which is when I was born so it has special meaning. I also like it because Neil Young had one just like it in the 60's and 70's but it was black and white. I tend not to use this strap because I want it to last...






These are the straps I use for my acoustics. With a Login Namp like mine, what do you expect..... (They are really comfortable too.)



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Nice story - I appreciate you sharing that. I hoped for such a story when I made the post' date=' and you really delivered.




I did use it for quite some time when she first gave it too me, but when it started ripping out on the seams, I had a friend who sews repair it for me and now I just keep it as decoration in my music room.




Any other strap stories out there?

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