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I have a country gentleman that I bought new in 1992, its been around the world several times on 4 different navy ships and been through two major hurricanes ( Ivan and Katrina).....Im starting to get her all cleaned back up, everything is great now, except for the gold plated parts


I know some of the parts can be bought new but I would rather have these parts replated if possible


does anyone know somebody that gold plates guitar parts ?


and this guitar has the tuning machines with the built in winder, does anyone know where I can get new ones if I cant find a plater


thanks for any help







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The problem with re-plating items like this is that they have to be fully disassembled, including every single movable part. This means even the tuners have to be reduced to their individual parts, such as removing the gears. Sometimes, these things are peened or riveted together, making disassembly very difficult.


Take the faded and/or flaking plating as part of the vintage charm of the instrument, and learn to love it. Every time you see it, you will be reminded of its journeys around the world.


You can clean plated hardware items up quite a bit--most metal used on a guitar is plated with something--by removing them from the guitar and detail cleaning using Q-tips and naphtha, followed up by a detail polishing using Q-tips with Flitz or another non-abrasive polish safe for use on fine plating.


I have had cast bronze marine clock and barometer cases gold-plated, ironically so that they stay looking like freshly-polished brass aboard my boat. It wasn't cheap, and those are items that are easily disassembled.

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