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lydia , a sunday song


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Very, very nice ol' Boy ! I like it a lot, illustrates how a good melody and feeling make a song rather than schmanzy chord progressions (Muse, Radiohead, Placebo excepted). Delivered with feeling and boy, doesnt the J-45 sound great, it really is the ultimate backing guitar, aint it, aint it .. ?


Now, I reckon you and Del should have a Sunday shoot out sometime, coz like it or not you two have more in common than against. And, I must say you have a bit of the Glen Hansards about you in style, delivery and .... you actually look a bit like him, at leas in this clip ... except your guitar is fully intact.


Good stuff [thumbup]

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Funny enough, I almost never really listen to the lyrics, I just get lost in the melody and mood of the song.


I think it wasnt until I get into Nick Cave, PJ Harvey and Mozza where I actually started to notice lyrics.


btw: what happened to Lydia .. did she win the lottery ?


I'll second that ! Love the line about the boots, and the imagery of a 40 year-old coffee cup. Just a damn good song. Cheers.

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thanks guys , you're very kind (apart from likening me to del , christ help me ! :P )

am a big fan of glen hansard , wish i had his range , his guitars hilarious , makes aaron lewis' look like a new one !


the 40 year old coffee cup i thought was a lovely line , sums up a lot about the woman's lifestyle , nothing changing . but the thing that drew me to the song is that lovely melody .


thanks again chaps

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