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Riviera P 93/Changing tuners

Johnny Boy

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New to this forum and it seems really great i love my new Riviera, but I'm thinking of changing to the pearl button Klausons. Does anyone know what size the peghead holes are? Seems to be either 9 or 10 mm. Also, any idea where I can get a set that will fit without any modification. Thanks for any help.

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Hi Johnny,


Welcome to the forums!


I changed the tuners on my Riviera (mini-humbucker version) to Grover Deluxe. I had drill to make the hole bigger for the new tuners. Was my first time drilling. Turned out good and the new tuners are great! :-)

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Hello and Welcome!



I won't be of much help as I don't know what kind of tuners currently come on your guitar. If they are full size Grovers they are 10mm holes.


So I just thought I would chime in with a little info and a couple of links:


"The Kluson brand is a registered trademark, reg. # 1802680, owned solely by WD Music Products Inc. We are not an acquisition or an addition, nor are our tuners "obsolete" as witnessed by our re-issue of the spectacular Kluson Supers as shown below. Our tuners are authentic reproductions and are favorites of collectors worldwide."


That quote comes from here:



Tuners can be purchased here:



If you need adapter bushings to adjust larger holes to smaller:



If you want to talk to them to get hole size, tuner or bushing info:


17570 N Tamiami Trl # 1

North Fort Myers, FL 33903

(239) 543-3625



If you want to see how I went from smaller holes to larger

(I did put up a few tips and tools)...here:



Hope others are of more help,



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