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Guitar Players And Their Guitar Faces....


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Post your favorite guitar faces and or list your favorite faces, so to speak...I'll put mine in a top five...


1. Gary Moore (solo/Thin Lizzy)

2. Alvin Lee (Ten Years After)

3. Robin Trower (solo/BLT/Procol Harum)

4. Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big/Racer X/solo)

5. Alex Lifeson (Rush)


#5 was either Lerxst, Carlos, Jimi, or SRV and believe me, that was a tough decision....


I for one have always enjoyed Alex's "nuance faces", as I like to call them. See the "Anthem" video from 1975 or watch "Red Barchetta" from the Exit...Stage Left video (1981) and you'll know what I'm talking about....

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I read an interview with Joe Walsh the other week. He told how his Grandparents went to see him when he was younger and his Grandad asked 'why do you pull those awful faces'? It made me smile.


Keith Richards doesn't nee to pull a face. He's already there!

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I've gotta agree with kaleb on Alex Lifeson. He make some great faces while also interacting with Geddy in conversation's on stage.


I can't look at Alex and keep a straight face at all.....


During live performances of "La Villa Strangiato", he makes some good faces....


But on that song, the faces don't come from feeling the music, they come from his epic sense of humor!

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