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TASCAM TASCAM DR-07MKII Portable Digital Recorder


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Ordered this recorder this morning, should be there when I get home.



Seems to be fairly good, and I am going to use it so I can record rhythm tracks, then play along with them pathetically with some scales :D




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I also was going to get the same one you did.. and even though its a bit more i ended up going for the Boss Mini 4 track..


its amazing.. i can play bass rhythm and lead and still have room for a fourth...



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No SoundCloud yet, but I will get one later.


I think if I upload sounds of my playing later though, it may be with my GoPro 2 HD camera and either YouTube or Vimeo.

The Tascam was mainly going to be used for putting rhythm on and then jamming back with it, but I guess I could use it too for uploading playing to the Cloud.


It came just before I went to bed yesternight, so I only got the chance to put the batteries in it.

Have to read the manual later today and get it setup.


It is much more compact than I thought.

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I have a Zoom H2 which works great. I use it to record band rehearsals and my DJ sets... I have an 8 gig SD card in it and have recorded 5 or 6 3.5 hours DJ sets with no problem at 256kbps, sound quality is amazing... Works very similar to the one you got... Enjoy!

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Old thread revival.

I was messing around with my Tascam over the weekend, and I would like to try adding an external mic to it.

I hear the Shure 57s are around the best to use if you want to hang a mic off of the cabinet.

Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone


The Tascam has a 1/8" input for a mic, how would I go about mating the Shure to it?

I take it they do not come with a 1/8" line or even a 1/4" line?

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