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A few weeks ago I was in 'turmoil'.....which pickup? K & K pure mini or Baggs Ibeam.

The overwhelming consensus on this forum and every other was in support of the K&K.

So, I ordered it and it came today. Whilst waiting for its arrival, I made my own jig based on some designs

I had seen online. It was made of perspex and wooden dowel for the guide rods.

Using my skype camera placed inside the guitar, I was able to get a good view of the bridge plate

and see the heads delivered into place...much like an abdominal laparoscopy.

Then, once all was fitted, plugged it in to my Trace Elliot TA50.

Absolutely great sound!! Very authentic acoustic sound. Made my GHS mini Mic sound very weak.

Another recommendation for K&K

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Just before I installed it I discovered JJB electronics online, and their 330 artist

series pickup. It looks identical to the KK pure mini, except it has 15mm heads and not 12.

I have another guitar which I am going to install the JJB. At $50 + $2 shipping to bermuda,

it has to be a great deal. Listen to Carolans Concerto on their website. I am sure will agree it sounds good.

I will let you know. KK is fantastic though!


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