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Admin: Confirmation needed


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I see from the sticky here that "real Honduras Mahogany" was introduced for the 2007 model of Les Paul. Can admin please confirm this ? I have never seen any official word on this. This sticky list is being copied all over the net and taken by most as Gibson's offical word.

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Well I was hoping I could some confirmation on this issue from Gibson but clearly this not the place to get such information. My conclusion is that no matter where this information originated, it must be wrong. There is no evidence at all for this assertion. There are no changes to the wood specific to 2007. My guess is that Gibson uses whatever source of Honduras Mahogany they have available and there might be a probability that you might get one source or another but that is it .

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hello everyone .........


somebody bad stole my historic history work from this forum and made it his on the LPF lately......

this bad person insists its all his and he was first but i actually wrote that on dec 24' date=' 2007 for

the gibson custom shop forum not this NEW one but the OLD one...............

it was a request from some good gibson fan and i did it all for our pure love for gibson guitars.

so its very very sad its stolen a lot now and being used to sell some bad ones name and ego.....

i work for the music store here in yokohama, japan and have been very very busy so for so far

i havent done what i should do on the les paul forum. but i am getting prepared now so sometime

in 2009 i make it super clear on there that who did that work in fact and who stole it in fact...........

so wait please. i even update the chart for you guys every year after its all cleared !!!!!

i guess a lot of you guys here know my work originally posted since dec 24, 2007 on the old forum...

remember guys? help me and support me. we gotta protect our pure gibson from bad ones.......

thanks gibson guys. laters then......good day from japan! ................................jo yoshida.......... [/quote']


Sorry to hear that Joe. I really enjoy reading your historic history list. I actually used it when getting ready to purchase my '59 Reissue just this week. Mine's a 2006 '59 VOS and I really love the old vibe it has...really sounds like an older LP...it just may replace my '74 LP Deluxe Goldtop as my main guitar! Thanks again! Mark

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