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this is for sale....I think its a knock off


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From those pics.. it looks real to me.. cant see anything thats off there..


The serial number is consistant with a re-issue model..



So yeah..


Maybe wait and see if someone at Gibson (or just who knows better than me) confirms too.. but I say.. yeah.. looks kosher [thumbup]

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oh, shouldnt it be stamped 'made in the usa'? I dont know, I thought the serial number was wonky looking. Thanks for the info



No the re-issues dont say that....


This is the back of my 1960 Classic re-issue



and then i found this site which if you look at the picture of the back of the headstock is very similar to the one your looking at.



So.. good luck.. and let us know if you get it (we expect pictures if you do, the rule is, unless theres pics it didnt happen ;))

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