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Difference between the Regular Flying V and the Faded

Paco The Taco

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I have heard that because of the lighter finish, the guitar "breathes more" (interpret that however you want) leading to a "better" and "fuller" tone.


That's just an opinion though, I've never seen anything to substantiate that claim.


There are other advantages, such as the neck being 'faster' due to the finish not getting 'sticky' like gloss finishes.


Honestly, I have NEVER EVER heard anything bad about the faded finishes (except for some sharp frets occasionally). For the money, they are AWESOME guitars and if you're contemplating getting one I do not think you will be disappointed.

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the glue lines aren't in the cavity. they generally dodge those. look at it from the back strap button view. that's the only way to tell. i have never seen a faded that is 1 piece. looking at the guitar from the common view can be deceptive if they matched the grain properly (pretty easy with mahogany)

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I doubt the regular V's are one-piece, let alone a faded. More than likely you're just not seeing it.


I've never heard of a V's legs being hollowed. That seems more trouble than it's worth.


My regular V's and faded V's seemed no different in weight or tone. The difference was the finish and yes some of the fadeds seem to have some fret overhang.


Here's my current faded; it's been stripped and refinished with tung oil, a black pickguard, Dimarzio Super D and PAF pickups, CTS pots, Hoveland cap, Sperzel tuners. It's a killer guitar.



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I had a faded until recently. I also had a regular v (V98) which I still have.


Side by side, what I noticed was that the faded was lighter in weight. No brainer there. They both had 3 piece bodies as typical for modern flying v's.


The faded was more resonant unplugged. When I plugged them in, the regualr v seemed to have a fatter juicier tone while the faided sounded thinner, almost airy. Probably great for shredding.


My faded actually had really really nice action, a little too low, even, after I did a setup on it. No buzzes, no sharp frets. Really nothing to complain about.


As the Gibson logo is not inlaid directly into the headstock on the standard model and the body is just a 3 piece slab, the faded v is probably the closest model to it's parent, imho. Great value I think.


Ultimately I got rid of mine cos I needed the money and having to choose between the too, I like the feel of the gloss finish better and the fatter sound of the standard.

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my friend once bought a faded that was 5, seriously five pieces of wood

nowadays on the standards, 2 and 3 piece bodies are common and a one piece is really rare

the best way to go is get an older standard

mines all one piece of wood (stock 500T and 496R pups), the quality is alot better thatn the new V's i've played, fatter tone than my explorer w/ the emg 81/85 set


heres some nice ones









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