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Ok.............Five Guitars walk into a bar....

The Dove says to the Hummingbird........

"Hey you, I really like you – you're cool looking, you were ground breaking and hip, still are. The wildlife motive you carry is a pop-art classic.

But though you are 2 years older than me, some people say I grew over your head.

A guy called E-minor7 f.x. claims that we are in family, but call me larger in many ways. My scale, my bridge, my headstock, my sound and depth. Don't know what he says about our p-guards, but I believe he likes them both. I wouldn't be the right guitar to judge if he is right, but one thing is certain. In spite of Presley, Petty and a few others, I just never reached your status as a legend. To be honest it doesn't bother me much, , , but admit I sometimes wonder why. . ".


Yeah that's more or less my review of my for-summer 1996 Dove. Will post a couple of pics when they are in the box.

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Okay - apropos reviving old threads, suddenly recalled this one.


Not much meat on it, but totally immodest I thought the collage could bear a another round.


Congratulations to all metal winners in Brazil, , , and everyone else by the way. .





And of course an echo of good mister Morton.






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