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Aussie Muso RIP


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Aussie muso Daryll Cotton (the singer) just passed away at the young age of 62 from liver cancer.He was still gigging only months ago.His band from the '70s The Zoot had a hit in Oz with their "Sabbathish" cover of Eleanor Rigby,...

Some might think it crappy but I used to dig it..then again I had the Hair and the Flares too.

Nice Tony Iommi style riff....




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Odd, never heard of him ... RIP

Rick Springfield was also in The Zoot EA, you may have heard of him, he was more well known...he went on to have some success in the States.

Darryl Cotton has been touring the last few years with Russell Morris (The Real Thing) and Jim Keays (from The Master's Apprentices)...they did a good 3 man show.Did their last gig in May.

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