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anyone ever build their own guitar?


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I have a strat style guitar I put together.


Neck and Body - Stew Mac

Pick ups - bridge is Seymour lil 59, middle from a 72 strat, neck from silver anniversary strat

Bridge - from the 72 strat

tuners - Stew mac vintage style


I'm actually planning another strat style build (maple fret board) with 2 Seymour P-rails, middle pup a hot rails, LR Baggs Piezo bridge, Guitar Fetish Classic Mid Boost/SRV Frequency Expander Board (http://www.guitarfetish.com/Classic-Mid-BoostSRV-Frequency-Expander-Board-Two-Switches_p_488.html), and a few other tricked out ideas floatin' in my head

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Ive built several - why did you have a question?



Here's a Tele I started a few months back but then decided to do a three way move of homes and buy a cabin up north in Payson Arizona so I haven't worked on it in a while. I finished the neck so all that's left is to finish it and put it together.





Here's a acoustic I built with a high grade Cocobolo back and a red Spruce/Adirondack top





And here another acoustic with a 5A Koa back (master grade) and again a Adirondack top




And here's one just getting started


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<<< lovin' Dem00ns' Strat!!.....and OMG Retro, those acoustics are amazing, i'm jealous!


i built both of these and the amp behind them......





and i'm currently doing the "spray, sand, repeat" loop on the body for a "Muddy Waters" type Strat (yes, I know he played a Tele) that's "Official Alabama Crimson Tide" red, plain white PG, old Fender amp knobs, black p'up covers, with a rosewood FB.

it should be finished sometime next month.

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The Tele is a Warmoth body and various parts from eBay and Stew-Mac

The cbg with the Tele pickup was an experiment that never worked out like I planned

The yellow cbg was my first cigar box. It cost me less than $25 and is a blast to play, everyone should have one.


...but after seeing Retro's post, I want to crawl under a table.....

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I wouldn,t now were to start and even if I did I wouldn,t have the skill needed so I have my guitars built buy Gibson and Fender and anybody else who wants to produce guitars for me. [thumbup] [flapper]Wow there are some highly skilled people out there, Searcy they are very nice indeed [thumbup]

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