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Well its not a Jackson Brown or a J-200...but its pretty sweet.Just won this on Ebay , under $200. I know they are bottom end over your way...but I think it looks very cool- a nice piece of Art Deco Americana for a Sydney lad.I will hang it in the living room as a piece of art and pluck some blues on the lounge when the urge comes on.

Hope it sounds like the one in this clip.Yee hah!



here are photos of the actual geetar - nice burst! Are they birch?

post-25856-074689800 1343556620_thumb.jpg

post-25856-050965300 1343556639_thumb.jpg

post-25856-076418100 1343556662_thumb.jpg

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I love Kays. One of my favorite guitars for a whole lotta of years has been a 1930s Kay Kraft.


Yours looks to be is a Kay K1160 from the mid-1960s. The body will either be birch or laminate maple - I don't recall which. Based on the pics there is a really good chance the guitar has a laminate top which would not be unusual for a 1960s Kay. Valco was hanging on by a shoe string and, of course, did not survive the decade.

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Cool looking!

I saw this Art Deco piece


But that is way over my budget...look at the back of this guitar :)


Nice one Elmer...looks like a Picasso cubist piece...and for that price I'd want ol' Pablo himself to have daubed something on the geetar..

Should get my art deco box in the next day or two.......will post a song soon...unless it sounds really crook [tongue]

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