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Hey all...


Here's a little something I captured this afternoon... a few little flubs but good enough to share with you. I know, I know, a knock-off 335 and a Fender amp... but hey, it's got Epiphone pickups in it at least :rolleyes: These Cort Source guitars used to come (maybe they still do) with an aged finish and a rather strange aged black hardware... it looked like black hardware that had been left in a tumbler.


Anyhow, I upgraded all the innards and hardware with more quality parts... quite a process if you've never changed the electronics in a semi-hollowbody. It all gets fished through the f-hole. Anyhow, I replaced the stock pickups with the pickups from my Epiphone G-400... they don't sound too bad to me. In any event, I'm not going to dis the Epi Dot as I've never played one but the Cort Source is a great guitar for the bucks. Cheers! [thumbup]



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