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335 v 355

Bob Isaac

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355 released as a 'deluxe' 335...


Ebony board with block inlays...some had stereo wiring, some had 'varitone' selector switch


Multiple binding


Gold hardware...often with a Bigsby or Vibrola...


Initially only cherry red...then later an additional dark brown 'walnut' finish...





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Rather uncommon for a teenie-orientated glam rock band of the early 1970s, The Sweet guitarist Andy Scott is famous for playing a cherry red ES-355. To me it seems he biamped his one using a sound as clean as possible with a Vox AC-30 non-top-boost for the neck pu while blowing the bridge pu through a Vox AC-30 top-boost channel, and varying its gain as desired.


Listening closely to studio recordings reveals that he must have done this during recording, too instead of doubling his rhythm guitar. I think Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn wanted to save money on time, but at least the sound is truely authentic.

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Hi Bob,



Did you know anything about vintageguitarcollector seller from ebay?. Is he reliable? Or is a fake seller or scammer?

I'm asking because I'm about to buy a guitar he got on auction on ebay and I'm searching for references.


Thank you.

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