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J-185 OWNERS PLEASE HELP ME!!! (or historians)


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I have a 1998 EC-20 Starburst but do not have a case for it. From what I have gathered, the EC-20 (which was discontinued in 1998) was replaced by the J-185 EC.


I am going to get a Cedar Creek case made for my guitar, but I can save a lot of money by having them make one for a model they already have the specs for.


SOOOOOO.... here are my two questions: [-o<[confused]


1. Does anyone know off hand (for sure) that the EC-20 and J-185 have the same shape dimensions?


2. Will any J-185 ownwers take the time to compare the following guitar measuremnts to mine?


Upper Bout: 11-5/8"


Lower Bout: 16"


Body Length: 20-3/16"


Body Depth Head: 3-11/16"


Body Depth Tail: 4-3/4"


Width at Nut: 1-23/32"

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