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Ohhh baby :) The only thing I dont like is the baseball bat neck... pretty sweet though




"To accurately recreate the unparalleled look, feel and tone of the early Les Pauls, Gibson USA crafts the Les Paul 60th Anniversary Goldtop’s body from a solid, non-weight-relieved, one-piece Grade-A mahogany blank topped with a solid, carved two-piece maple top."

Does this mean that Gibson admit that to create the classic tone of the 50s/60s guitars it has to be a solid body?? :-k :P


•Solid Mahogany body with a carved Maple top

•Mahogany neck with traditional “thick” profile

•Pair of powerful P-90 pickups in the neck and bridge

•High-quality "Orange Drop" tone capacitors

•Chrome-plated wrapover trapeze tailpiece

•Vintage style tuners with cream tulip keys and 14:1 tuning ratio




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I like it! Reminds me of early Freddie King (even though he played a 54' model with the one-piece wraparound bridge...).


Here's a new slogan: "Let's hide away and dance away with the Les Paul 60th Anniversary Limited"!

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"Les Paul's design for the trapeze bridge/tail piece called for the strings to wrap over the bridge, and Gibson had the strings go under. Les supposedly complained to Gibson that they got things wrong, but Gibson is reported to have said that it was too late to stop production, and things were to remain as they were." See the article here.

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