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I'm not keen on the Chinese made stuff.

Don't let the country of origin be a determining factor. I have a Korean Dot that is of better build quality (actually, finish quality rather than build quality) than my Chinese Wildkat, but on the other hand, I spent some time with various Telecasters the other day and of a whole bunch of them (Chinese, Mexican and US) it was actually a chinese one that I liked the most, for tone, playability and looks. I must admit I was shocked, but because I did a 'blind' trial, without knowing which model each Tele was, I was judging the guitars on their merits (combined with personal preferences). Chinese doesn't automatically mean second-rate.

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I note your comments on country of origin.I have seen lots of ads stating "this is Korean made,not the Chinese c**p",so this made me wary.


However,I recently bought a Peerless Rivoli which had hairline cracks on the paint at the neck/body joint.I took it to a luthier who thought it better to remove the neck and re-glue and re-paint.I agreed and what he found was absolutely shocking.


In the body cavity,there were two pools of hard glue surrounded by dry wood.The glue had not been brushed in and the whole joint was being held together by the paint.Unbelievable but true.I saw it for myself yesterday.He photographed it and I'll post them once I receive them.


So Yes,,,,,I now fully agree that country of origin is not a guarantee of quality.


I think this subject should be raised on another topic.


Thank you all for your comments.

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