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Need help identiiying


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Probably an EB-1 from the 70s indeed, please see the specifications from this model below, taken from the Gruhns Guide to Vintage Guitars :


EB-1: Violin shaped mahogany body, carved top, painted on purfling and F-holes, Alnico magnet pickup with poles close to bridge side, brown Bakelite pickup cover, barrel knobs, elevated pickguard, screw in end pin, telescopic end pin also provided for upright playing, 30 1/2" scale, Kluson banjo style tuners, exposed bridge, crown peghead inlay, brown stain finish, brown contoured case with plush pink lining.


Introduced as Gibson Electric Bass: 1953


Discontinued, 546 total shipped: 1958


Reintroduced EB-1: Humbucking pickup with poles across middle, chrome pickup cover, chrome bridge cover, black bonnet knobs, standard right angle tuners, rectangular case: 1970


Discontinued: 1972


Please find attached an example of an EB-1 from 1954.


Kind regards,




post-15276-094997500 1344001445_thumb.jpg

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I found a picture of an old '60's vintage Teisco Del Ray EP7T model which had that same strange tailpiece. The pick-ups also look similar to what Teisco Del Ray used. That would be my best guess as to the brand based on the features. Teisco also had an "Audition" line which had a similar peghead and used that unusual string guide bar in front of the nut.

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