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My Epi Dot Studio

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Hello all, my first post since my intro.

About 3 weeks ago I scored this Epi Dot Studio off of craigslist, I have wanted a dot or a sheraton for a long time and when this showed up for sale less than $200.00 I had to check it out. As soon as I layed eyes and hands on it I forked the cash over as quick as I could. It is stunning! the finish and playability of this guitar is outstanding. I have been looking on the epi web sites and have not found a Studio Dot offered in gloss blk with binding, could it have been special ordered?


The orig blk hardware and had been replaced with chrome and the nut had been replaced as well so Im assuming it had a prof setup done cuz it plays so well. The guy gave me the orig blk hardware and a killer vintage "real leather" gig bag to go with it for $180.00


I could not resist changing the pups out so I dropped a 57 classic in the bridge and a T Top from 1979 for the neck and replaced the caps with Russian Military K40Y-9 0.022 uF caps.


This git sounds as good unplugged as it does plugged in. The build quality of this Epi is as nice as my Guild X170 or my Les Paul.


I reserched the serial # and it was built in that factory in china that has all of the state of the art equipment? I cant recall the name.


Anyway here it is.......



IMG_0963 by eric.penrod, on Flickr

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Congratulations on the terrific score! And welcome to the forum! [thumbup]


That's a beautiful Dot there. And what a great price.

Couldn't have been special ordered because I'm pretty sure Epiphone doesn't do that. Probably a limited edition special run they did.

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I just reserched the serial# again and it was made in QingDao China sept 04


I read somewhere on this board that the plant in QingDao had the best equipment and they were putting out some nice guitars.


In the past I've played a few dots and a sheraton of which were ok but didn't speak to me but this one has something, it feels different and is speaking to me more than my wife!

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