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Gibson LG-3 , wondering about value


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I've got a Gibson LG-3. from the neck block number looks to be from "62.

The frets on this LG are in great shape - action is nice and low and playability is excellent.

I bought this off ebay in 2009 and put over $200 in it to get it playable. 3 dot inlays, 3 frets, reglued braces, truss rod adjusted, etc,

no pickguard and non original Grover tuners. has several repaired and cleated back cracks and a belly and small crack in the top. The bridge has lifted slightly and looks to have been reglued at some point in it's life. The label is not original and was put on by local luthier. The defects are all stable and have not changed since I got it.

I now exclusively play ukulele [ I have a Gibson baritone] and this just sits collecting dust so I'm thinking of selling.


These seem highly sought after and when minty have seen them for $2000+ on ebay.but because of these defects I know it is worth much less. Anyone know what would be a fair price? this is an excellent player!



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If you want to sell it, and want to know its true value, put it on ebay with a low reserve or no reserve and see what happens.


You may have put a fair amount of money into it, but the guitar clearly still needs work. The bridge needs to come off and be re-glued, and it looks from the pictures that the top may have a substantial belly behind the bridge. The headstock is also a bit chewed up, and it's impossible to tell from the photos if much of the finish is original. Most of the original finish appears to have been removed from the back, as it looks like it was sanded down after the back cracks were cleated.


The top may have received a similar treatement, since there is no evidence of a pickguard outline


By the way, the cleats on the back cracks look suspiciously like tongue depressors cut into pieces. Not that I have anything against tongue depressors.


As you point out, in good shape, these can fetch slightly more than $2K, but a guitar bringing that would probably be in better shape, and a few years earlier. As a reality check, I've seen early-mid 1960's J-45's go for between $1800 and $2500 in better condition, and that's a lot more guitar.


If it's a good player, that's works in its favor, but if you are selling online, no one will really know what it sounds like, and we've all read too many hyperbolic descriptions ("a real CANNON!) to take sellers' assertions at face value.


Condition is everything in vintage guitars, and this one looks to fall a bit short in several ways. I'm guessing it would sell for something around $1000. But that's a guess.

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